Access & Understand the data from your core platform for Sales Teams Marketing teams Finance teams Data teams Data teams

Reporting Automation on your application data i.e the data residing in your Native application or e-commerce application like Wix, Shopify


Automate data processing & focus on insights Write, Store & Schedule SQL queries like you would in their native console & get data in clicks

Define steps to automate

Connect and define queries to get the necessary data

Get reports & dashboards

Get your dashboards and reports with the automated process at anytime

Save & Schedule Queries

Save the queries and run when required or schedule to run at the time you want.

Create Dashboard Charts from your data in few clicks

Write the required query,select the chart & voilĂ , get your dashboard. Save the Report and get it in a click next time.

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Adhoc Data Analysis Get the required data when you want it

Whenever your business teams wants data for analysis, get the data in few clicks with appropriate query. Save the query, if you want to it for future use.
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Our Pricing Plans for your growth

For Ever Free Plan

Per Month / Per User
  • For anyone to understand the product and automate their reports regarding their business teams
  • Number of reports : 1
  • Number of scheduled reports : 1
  • Graphs based reports : Yes
  • Download Data reports : No
  • Email Support


Per Month / Per User
  • For teams growing fast that want to understand reduce effort in developing reports for business teams
  • Number of reports : 30
  • Number of scheduled reports : 30
  • Graphs based reports : Yes
  • Download Data :Yes
  • Dedicated Email Support


Yearly Plan
$ Custom
  • For teams that wants to transform and automate a large number of reports regarding their business
  • Number of reports : Unlimited
  • Number of scheduled reports : Unlimited
  • Graphs based reports : Yes
  • Download Data :Yes
  • Dedicated Email Support
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