Arranging internal & external data to perform analysis and derive insights effortlessly

Our goal is to arrange business data in highly simplified form which will help anyone to derive insights form the data
Majorly enabling anyone to be able to perform data analyse without any learning curve or friction. Businesses need to understand two kinds of data, one which is generated by the business - internal data and other which pertains to external environoment - external data - pertaining to markets, competition etc.

Over the period, we have developed two products focusing on the nature of the data :

The product helps to automate the data reporting and visualize the data with dropdowns and clicks, without any learning curve and getting to insights faster.

The product helps to aggregate, cleanse, verify, and provide context to the public business data t can be used for necessary decision-making purposes.

About Team

T N Surender

MBA from IIM Lucknow & Engineering from GCT Coimbatore(Anna University)

Before starting this he has worked with iGATE, Bosch India in various Corporate roles. This being his second startup, the previous startup - Griffin News App- was business news platform focused on retail investors who were new to stock market.


Vijin V

Engineering from Oxford Engineering College, Bangalore

Along with the founder, he is one of the core developers for the product.
He majorly works on python, django and other related frameworks to bring life to the concepts.
Apart from development, he spends his time in palying football