Data Cleansing steps to get to the correct dataset faster

🚀 Deduplication - To remove duplicate records

Provide the column names that are requried to identify duplicates and remove duplicates

Along with the option to keep the first one or the last one, helping to get to the deduplicated data in few clicks.

🚀 Simplified Vlookup - Search,Match & Get data

This helps you to search for a certain value in a given column of a table. On match, the formula returns a value from a required column of the same row.

Simplified Vlookup with no-learning curve .

Identify Empty cell & add/remove data

Identify Empty cells in your dataset and take actions accordingly. You can remove those rows or impute them with necessary data.

With this feature, find empty cells and impute data in few clicks.

Identify Outliers

Identify the outliers in few clicks in your dataaset using following methods
- Z scores method
- Inter Quantile Range(IQR)

With this feature, find outliers and treat them accordingly in few clicks.

Data Automation steps to improve your productivity

🚀 Exception Reporting

Find all the exceptions in your periodic reports (daily/ weekly/ monthly) in few clicks.

Define the rules once to identify exception and keep them using continiously for next time you want to create reports

ML based Exception Reporting

Identify exceptions using an Machine Learning model.

The ML model learns from the past trends and identifies exception values for the current data.

Adavanced Analytics to find hidden patterns

Cluster Analysis
Find Hidden Segments

With the Cluster Analysis technique find hidden clusters / segments to find new patterns and actionable insights in a click.

Find Correlations

with regression, you can infer the relationships between the key variables and other dependent variables to get find more hidden patterns in a click.